Aluminum Free

No Parabens

No Harsh Chemicals


Max Odor Protection

Green & Sustainable

Gluten Free

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Made in USA

Backed by our No BS, No BO GuaranteeTM

It took over 3 years & hundreds of formulas

  • All-Natural, No Propylene Glycol, Alcohol Free, Non Aluminum, & No Harsh Chemicals or Parabens
  • A rock-solid stick with a smooth application no flaking, crumbling, or white residue
  • Long lasting odor protection
  • It Works - Guaranteed

Mill-Ground Baking Soda

To lower your skin's pH, making it harder for odor-causing bacteria to live

Sourced in Ohio, USA

Indian Bamboo Silica

A unique finely ground bamboo powder from the mountains of India to absorb sweat and sebum and reduces odor

Sourced in India

Tea Tree & Sage Essential Oils

100% pure steam-distilled Australian tea tree oil & prized Austrian

Sourced in Australia & Austria

Superfine Rice Flour

To absorb oil and moisture for all day freshness

Sourced in France

Super-concentrated Aloe Vera

To soothe and reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness

Sourced in Mexico

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernels are cold pressed to release a lightweight oil that is similar to your skin's lipid composition. It penetrates deep to soothe irritations and heal damaged skin from shaving

Sourced in USA

Grape Seed Oil

Extracted from grape seeds, this luxurious oil is non-comedogenic and works to tighten pores, tone the skin, and restore collagen. It is rich in the flavonoid oligomeric procyanidin, that works to repair cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals

Sourced in Europe

Safflower Oil

Derived from the seeds of the annual Safflower thistle, this oil helps create a barrier that prevents moisture and sweat from leaving your skin. The high levels of linoleic acid is ideal for improving the quality and texture of your skin

Sourced in Mexico

Jojoba Esters

An oil-free wax ester derived from seeds of the jojoba plant, this liquid ester delivers superior emolliency and a smooth slick application

Plant Waxes

A proprietary blend of 6 plant waxes to make this stick deodorant long-lasting and not sticky, flaky, or crumbly

Our Mission

Zaffré is a consumer-focused natural products company that leverages botanical and natural elements to solve human challenges in health, beauty, and personal care. We innovate where others imitate; we are driven to solve where others are driven by sales.

The etymology of our brand, Zaffré (zaffree) is from Latin sapphirus (sapphire) which alludes to the open azure sky. It is our core belief and singular goal to deliver botanically infused health solutions that cut the earthbound tethers to empower humankind to sore high and strive for their perfection. Please join us!

We promise to adhere to the principles of Green Chemistry & the COSMOS Standard. We develop superior formulations that are safer, healthier and more effective & limit negative environmental impact

Strive for Perfection, Naturally – Zaffré, Botanically Infused WondersTM

Our Customers Reviews

Still fresh after intensive work-out

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is truly an amazing product. I have been using the crystal for maaany years and always had to ‘refresh’ at last once a day, more on the hot days, and even more so lately as my body has been going thru those ‘hot’ moments. Refreshing the crystal at work isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, and so had to wait till I got home.

Michelle Laurin - USA Customer